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Our Philosophy

Improving players since 1990.

Kim Muir and her team have traveled the globe, bringing their coaching techniques to hockey players of all ages and skill levels. Since Kim started teaching in 1990, we've helped thousands of players improve their skating and the confidence on the ice. Our teaching style is based on "Blooms Hierarchy of Learning". We believe players should be developing their skills and startegies synergistically, over a period of time, with consistency, new challenges, and positive reinforcement. We interact with every student, correcting immediately and/or demonstrating the proper techniques. Our goal is to not only improve the skating ability of our players, but to build confidence and demonstrate good citizenship, all while having fun! Since 90% of the game is skating, we strive to teach every aspect of skating for the game, including:

As your skating improves, so does your passing, stick-handling, and shooting. As you get to the next level of your game (whatever level it may be), you have to be faster, stronger and more creative than your competitors. If you "Can't Skate" at the next level, then you "Can't Play" there either!

More Than Just a Game

We believe hockey is a microcosm of life. It involves team work, individual as well shared goals, and other skills that are valuable off the ice. To this end, we try to teach our players to not only improve themselves, but also their teams, to become more marketable in the future.

A Personal Touch

Our team takes pride in the one-on-one nature of training clinics. When you join one of our classes, you can expect: