NHL-CHL-OHL-AHL Player Students

Corey Emmerton
Corey EmmertonForward, Swiss A league NLA
I have been working with Kim 4-5 years now. The biggest reason I come back to Kim each year is I have improved the most when I’m working with her. I always thought I was a strong skater until I came to her and learned how much better I became each year. It feels like every drill is derived from game situations that I will use in games. It’s not just skating around and call it power skating, she involves the puck, passing, defense with other great players of equal or better caliber. The skate is very thought out and there is an overall plan in place. That’s why she is considered one of the best coaches around for edgework and game-like training. Not only is she a great instructor, she is a great person which is not that easy to find. Kim is a special person and special coach. I am excited to work with her every year, making me a better player and skater.
Drew Miller
Drew MillerForward - Detroit Red Wings
Working with Kim has given me an opportunity to rehab my knee working on Edge work & Skills training that I would not get skating on my own. She brings an up-tempo fun atmosphere to training while making it challenging and hard work driving you to be better.
Luke Glendening
Luke GlendeningDetroit Red Wings
“You’ve got to try to get better every year, whether that’s your skating or your skills or whatever,” “I worked with Kim Muir this summer on my skating, and she did a great job,” Glendening said. “She was awesome.” “It’s a lot,” Glendening said of the comprehensive training. “I left every day thinking I was the worst skater in the world.
“But, you know, you get on the ice next day and you feel a little better.
“It’s technique, working on your edges, all that.”
Detroit News interview 9-27-2015
Mike Babcock
Mike BabcockForward Merrimack College
I have been working with Kim at the recommendation of my Dad Mike Babcock SR. for the last 11 years. Originally it was just for improvement but it became not just convenience but you get the benefit of so many college and Pro guys that come to Kim. You work with these guys and can just see everyone improving each and every summer. Kim also is a very special person, you become part of her family and that is what makes her extremely rare. I have nothing but good things to say about Kim.

Ryan Mantha
Ryan ManthaDefense 4Th Round, NY Rangers OHL, Niagara Ice Dogs
2015 was the first year I trained with Kim. After hearing how great she was from other players I jumped in looking for something more to improve my game. I have always been an average skater. Ever since I have been working with her, others constantly comment to me on how well I am skating and it’s made a big difference in my game.
Mike Ferrentino
Mike FerrentinoForward MSU '14-'16 Captain AHL, Charlotte Checkers
I started coming to Kim when I was 6 years old and have been coming back every year. I know my skating drastically improves year after year. Not only are you coming and skating with a great group of great players, Kim is an awesome person to be around and she makes it fun everyday always smiling while pushing us to be better. I played the last 4 years at MSU, I just signed my first Pro contract with Charlotte AHL team and I know I could not have done it without Kim’s coaching.
Alex Globke - Forward Lake Superior State University AHL, Grand Rapids Griffins
Alex Globke - Forward Lake Superior State University AHL, Grand Rapids GriffinsGrand Rapids Griffins
I have been working with Kim for 3 years now and she is definitely helped me a lot. The edge work training is the main reason I have become much stronger on my skates. She teaches to dig into your edge with the correct body movements which also helps your form and balance. It has allowed me to play as big as I am. Being a big player it’s is hard to stay low. She pushes me to stay low which has strengthened me and my skating.
Aidan Muir
Aidan MuirForward Western Michigan University / Edmonton Oilers 4th round 2014 draft pic
I only had a few sessions with Kim when I was in youth hockey but never anything consistent until this summer where I had the time to spend a couple months working with her. In that short time span I’ve learned more about skating technique and different aspects of using it, then I’ve ever learned in my entire 18 year hockey career. The optimization of stride and efficiency and creativity of footwork, is what I really pulled from our sessions, along with being able to use every drill in a game situation. As a more mature player, now I am able understand and appreciate what is being taught far more than the annual lesson when she came to a team practice. Kim provides an incredibly positive and encouraging learning environment that makes power skating enjoyable and makes me excited to work with her again next year.
Alex Talcott
Alex TalcottUniversity of Michigan
Kim is an extraordinary skating coach. She pays attention to her players and really goes above and beyond to better their skating strides. Everything she teaches is applicable to game scenarios and she tries to incorporate that into her sessions. She is enthusiastic but will also push you to work harder. She really cares about developing her players.
Kevin Lohan
Kevin LohanDefense University of Michigan
Kim has been a huge help in my development as a player. She has helped immensely with my technique, quickness, and agility. She has done so in a fun, charismatic manner all the while pushing me to improve and work hard. She truly cares about you as a person and will do whatever she can to help you develop. It has been a pleasure working with her and her staff.
Evan Dixon
Evan DixonForward U of Wisconsin Stephens Point '15-16 Captain, NCAA D3 Champions
I have heard people from the outside say “It’s just power skating”, but really her training enables you to get better at all aspects of the game. I have been able to handle the puck much better in unique situations during the game. You can do a lot on one foot maneuvers and more. My puck handling has gotten a lot better because my skating is a lot better. You see guys come out to her training for the first time and they can’t even do the first couple of drills, but after 4-5 skates it starts to become natural. I really notice my improvement during games when I do something without having to think about it. Afterwords, I recognize that ability came directly from her training.
Drake Rymsha
Drake Rymsha Forward OHL, Ottawa '67s
It is the truth, “If you can’t skate, you can’t play”. Skating is such a big part of the game today. You need speed in every level and you need to perfect your mechanics to get the speed you need. Kim is the best in the Detroit area, and I trust her with all my skating. When I started asking around on who to go to for skating improvement, everyone said to go to Kim Muir. I figured if so many people were recommending her, she must be the best. I am glad I am training with her.
David Keefer
David KeeferForward USHL Des Moines Buccaneers '17-18 MSU commit
This is my first year working with Kim. Skating in the NCAA Camp is great because not only are you getting great coaching but you are skating with a group of hardworking talented guys. Personally her coaching has improved my edge work and stride the most. I will be coming back next year.
Jack Stander
Jack StanderDefense Canisius College
Going in to this summer I wanted to focus on 2 things. Working on skating both forward and backward and edge work strengthening my lower body and core. Working with Kim has been very beneficial to me and has improved my edgework strengthening my core and lower body. Kim is a great teacher and person. I am sure the work this summer will make me better this fall season.
Michael Kowicki
Michael KowickiDefense Stony Brook University, Former Becker College NCAA
For me, Kim’s training helps me because she puts a puck on your stick while using your skating skills. It translates to the game “big time” because when go to protect the puck in the game and you are using your edges properly corralling the puck, it makes a huge difference. The difference between Kim and other coaches, is she takes all the skating skills and balance and puts it into a game situation practicing moves you would normally make in a game.