When my family moved to Detroit in 2005, Kim started working with my kids. Mikey’s skating is a testament to her ability. In 2010, Kim began working with the Detroit Red Wings players. She is one of “the best” power skating instructors I have ever worked with. Kim is reliable and respected by the people who know this industry. Her ability to build and maintain trustworthy relationships is another key to her success.

Mike Babcock - Head Coach Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Maple Leafs

I have had the pleasure to watch Kim connect with my son Tyson as well as many other skaters. Her energy passion and ability to communicate separates her from others. Kim has become more than a skating coach to me, she has become a personal friend.

Todd McLellan - Edmonton Oilers Head Coach, Edmonton Oilers Hockey

“We appreciate the fine work that Kim did with the prospects in our system. Skating is such a critical skill for the way the game is played today, and her methods made an impact on the players she instructed.”

Executive Vice President / General Manager
Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Club

“Kim does a wonderful job as our skating instructor here with our team in Charlotte. Her expertise is instrumental in the developement of our NHL prospects. The combination of her skating knowledge and her vibrant personality keeps everything upbeat and informative.”

Mark Morris - Carolina Checkers, Carolina Checkers AHL Hockey

“Having just left the NHL, I can assure you, there’s no single more important aspect in today’s game than skating. Kim is one of the best I’ve ever seen at teaching proper mechanics. Not only did it help me, but it has helped my son & he enjoys her teaching style. By using Kim’s expertise, you can provide your child with the best opportunity possible to take their game to the highest level”.

Shawn Horcoff – Player Development Coach
Detroit Red Wings

Shawn Horcoff, Detroit Red Wings

“Kim has been a part of my hockey life ever since I was a young boy running around the ice rink while my brother attended her camps. She has a certain way of teaching and interacting with kids that makes power skating enjoyable. Even with her classes growing each year, Kim still finds a way to make her classes personal to each student and she makes sure every student has a chance to become a better skater and have fun. Kim has kept me around my entire life because of those reasons and her efforts are proven to work.”

Matt Roy - LA Kings, LA Kings

“Skating with Kim has been one of the greatest blessings in my hockey career! Her teaching has significantly improved my skating ability in so many ways. However, the best thing about Kim is that she is not only a phenomenal skating coach, but she is an even more amazing person. She is passionate about helping others and that shows through her continued success!”

Zane Schartz

Zane Schartz, BCHL Surrey Eagles