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Welcome to Kim Muir Power Skating.   If “You Can’t Skate”, “You Can’t Play”.

My Theory

To teach the most proficient ways of gaining speed, balance, and coordination. Every drill that I teach has to be purposeful for the game; otherwise I am wasting your time and money.

My goals

Are for you to master my skating drills with and without the puck, along with understanding when and where to apply them in a game situation, offensively and defensively (you are always playing offense and defense in every zone no matter what position you play).

My teaching style

Is based on “Blooms Hierarchy of Learning”. I believe that players should be developing their skills and startegies synergistically, over a period of time, with consistency, new challenges, and positive reinforcement.  I am extremely interactive with every student—correcting immediately and/or demonstrating the proper techniques. While my goals ARE NOT to improve just the skating skills of your child, but to build confidence and demonstrate good citizenship, while having fun!  90% of the game is skating; therefore, it is important that I teach every aspect of skating for the game, each having its own purpose. As your skating improves, so does your passing, stick-handling, and shooting.  As you get to the next level of your game (whatever level it may be), you have to be faster, stronger and more creative than your competitors. If you “Can’t Skate”, at the next level, then you “Can’t Play” there either.  Although hockey is a team sport, you are the sole proprietor of your goals and level of expertise, not only for your hockey career, but for your future in general. Remember that Hockey is a microcosm of life; it is about making yourself better—for you, your team, and ultimately, to make yourself more marketable for your future.


I am not teaching you how to play the game, nor am I teaching you to figure skate, but rather, I am just trying to teach you to become faster and more proficient on your skates for your game!

Our Objectives