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We Strive to be the BEST Power Skating Team for all ages of Hockey Players

Kim Muir and team travel the globe, bringing their coaching techniques to travel hockey players of all ages.

Hockey is a team sport, but each student is the sole proprietor of their own goals and level of expertise, not only for their hockey careers, but for their futures in general.

Can’t Skate Can’t Play students are not learning how to play the game, nor are they learning to figure skate. They are learning to become faster and more proficient on their skates to improve their game!

Hockey is a microcosm of life; this is about self-improvement—for themselves, their teams, and to become more marketable in the future. Muir and her team host power skating camps throughout the year, for virtually every age group. CLICK HERE to learn more about our power skating camps.

Kim hands on with studentsKim with Adult Skating Camp in Juneau Alaska


  • I know every student’s name
  • You can make up classes, if you miss (ask how)
  • 1:5 instructors to student ratio
  • All instructors are past & present students
  • I am physically present and on the ice at every practice


Turning • Stopping • Balance • Edges • Momentum • Coordination • Agility • Speed • Creativity

All classes are for TRAVEL HOCKEY PLAYERS ONLY, except for my House sessions.

My requirements are for you to be able to perform in our clinics are (applies to Mites too):

  1. Hockey stop (on both sides)
  2. Backwards crossovers.


 *Every summer skating program, students have an opportunity to win a$500 Educational IRA, that I start in their name.  *There are five winners, one from each division, i.e., Mites, Squirts, Pee Wees, Bantams, Midgets.  *To win – write an essay to a question that I present (I hire outside instructors to grade the papers).

My Oath is to lead by example, building self-confidence in my students. My responsibility as an instructor, mentor, and educator is to:

  • Encourage good citizenship
  • Promote “Student Athletes” by balancing academics with athletics
  • Advocate education as a tool to success and happiness

Although I have a wonderful business, should something happen to it or to me, I at least have my two Bachelors, my Medical certification, and Master’s degree to fall back upon.

Previous Scholarship Winners

2019 Scholarship Winners

Mite – Brayden Kinnick Matt Roy (Mich Tech, LA Kings)
Squirt – Frank Vaughn Zach Redmond (Ferris State, Montreal Canadiens)
Pee Wee – Luc Condevaux Cody Wydo (Robert Morris, Pittsburgh Penguins)Cody Wydo (Robert Morris, Pittsburgh Penguins)
Bantam – Emily Maliszewski Riley Sheahan (Notre Dame, Detroit Red Wings)
Midget – Olivia Buzzelli Brady Tomlak (U.S. Air Force Academy)
Kim Muir Power Skating Camp 2 2017